Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back to Sculpting

Well I can hardly believe that it has almost been a year since I took Wendy Froud's first class. It opened up a completely different way of thinking. I would have done so much more this last year, except for one thing and one thing only. World of Warcraft. So on the same weekend that I got introduced to sculpting with fimo, I also got introduced with WoW. Who would have thought that I would have become so hooked on that game. I thought it was a teenage boy game, but here I am 56 years old and playing that stupid game every night.

But, Wendy Froud is back and teaching in Reno at the end of February. I'm taking an advanced course from her, so we bring already sculpted head, hands and feet and then build the doll with a more advanced body and paint techniques. So long story short I have been sculpting the last two weekends. Miracle of miracles, I have two doll heads that don't look like aliens from outer space.

I received Wendy's 2nd DVD on creating older characters and so began my new adventure. I did start to paint the 2nd head, shame shame on me. But she so wanted to come alive and I also used taxidermy eyes instead of sculpting them. I like it. So now I have an old woman head and a old man's head.

Next to this post are the little pictures.