Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nanny Gilly finally has her little girl

I was so anxious about making the baby/little girl that was going to be in Nanny's arms, but sculpting small is not something I was confident I could do. I started thinking I would just do a small baby with closed eyes - I figured I could manage that. But all of a sudden this little face started to emerge and I was in love with her. Then I got little hands and feet to look OK. It was a miracle. Here I was procrastinating for about 2 weeks because I was positive that the child sculpt would not make me happy.

So now that I have two new people to live with and all my other little dolls seemed happy to have the company. I can now relax that this figure is completed and now I have to start sewing on my Cloth doll homework for the Cloth Doll Convention in Ohio. Only two weeks left to get it all done. Better sew everynight.