Sunday, May 2, 2010

Secretive Merfolk refuses to talk

She refuses to speak.  In fact I think she is not happy that I found her hiding behind the seaweed in Half Moon Bay off the Pacific Coast.  She peaks at me out of the side of her eyes as if to say, shhh!  hiding here.  Maybe she isn't talking because I have not finished beading her skirt.  hmmm.....

This doll was truly a challenge and I learned so much working on her.  I have to thank all the hardware guys who helped me figure out the nuts and bolts I would need to support her heavy upper body.  Plus duck tape is a wonderful invention.  It really made a huge difference. I drilled holes in the Fimo, painted her gills, sculpted an upper body, all things I had not attempted before.  And I'm so pleased with her. I was inspired by the drawings of Tony DiTerlizzi from the Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide.