Friday, November 4, 2011

EJ Taylor class

Oh my goodness, how lucky was I?  Five day workshop with EJ Taylor.  I learned so much about paper clay and oil paint and full body sculpting.  The Flying Phoebes hosted EJ to teach in Northern California and I was lucky enough to host him at my house.  Of course he might not say that, because I'm a terrible cook, so I took him out to dinner every night.  Ha ha!  He is wonderful. 

The start of our day at Marcella's beautiful house as we drink our coffee and find out what we will be doing. 

We got right to work, sculpting heads out of paper clay and learning that we knew nothing.  But we all concentrated and worked hard. Of course we broke for food, candy and lots of coffee, laughter and good fun.

EJ was fabulous and gave us all indivdual attention and no one left the workshop disappointed.  Everyone's dolls stood on their own and were developing personalities.

Sally's doll practically walked off the table with all her attitude, of course

Thursday, October 27, 2011

EJ Taylor

I cannot believe that I'm taking a class from the world renowned doll artist EJ Taylor.  It is an amazing experience.  Not only learning his  techniques, but also listening to his life stories and his philosophies on art.  I'm so thrilled to have him staying at my house while he teaches the 5 day class to the Flying Phoebe doll club in Hayward, CA.  He is showing us how to sculpt the head and hands and build the bodies on our dolls.  To see his amazing work, you must check out his website, .  He has always been my favorite doll artist.  Who knew that the stars would align and I could not only meet him, but host him in my house.   If you ever have the opportunity to take a class, do everything you can to make it happen!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Trade Shows and Selling

Well, I'm finally going to put my toe in the water and see whether I like the idea of selling my dolls.  It isn't something that comes easy, the letting go of a little piece of your creative spirit....but I know my dolls will enjoy the adventure of going to other people's houses.  But there are some dolls, like my Gnome Nanny and child that I just cannot bear to have leave the house.  They are both to dear to me to let go.