Monday, July 19, 2010

I create the Bird for my little creature

So I fiddled all afternoon trying to get fluffy feathers to stick to this little bird.  Ugh!  They are up my nose and glued to my feet, but looking good.  Need to paint his feet so they aren't copper wire....but that will be after the glue dries on the feathers.  What a mess feathers are and I've never created a bird, so what do I know about what they look like.  You will never find this one in a backyard at your house, but if you follow a certain path in a hidden cave with a small stream ..... and then find the magic door unlocked...then you too may find him sitting on a branch....looking for the Birdman...

Sometimes he comes into the house and sits under my living room lamp...but that is only when their are lighting storms and his feather's get wet, then the Birdman knocks on my door and I feed them honey and seeds and they tell me all their adventures....

Another Fabulous Froud Weekend

I got to Petaluma on Friday morning around 7am and waited for the class to begin at 10.  Stayed in a funny old Victorian Hotel (Metro Cafe and Hotel) where the had make your own coffee and quiet signs all over so that you did wake anyone.  But it was very relaxing and artsy and seemed to fit the whole mood of the weekend.

 Three days of creative fun, exhaustion and birthing of new ideas and creatures.  Once again Wendy and Toby Froud generously shared their creative process with 15 lucky artists. 

Here is the fruit of our labor.  Fifteen little creatures all made under the watchful eye of our mentors who gave us tips and tricks throughout our time there.  Even the fur we used on our dolls was magical.  We were using left over fur that was used on the movie "Where The Wild Things Are".  On Friday we started the class with a meditation to find our creative energy and if we were lucky, to meet the creature we would sculpt.  All day Friday we worked on the head, getting the sculpt just right.  Saturday was heads and feet and wrapping the armature, then Sunday was painting and dressing.
And to top it off we had the class at the Petaluma Art Center and at the same time they had an incredible doll show. The show runs until the middle of September. If you have the chance to go, you will be rewarded with the opportunities to see dolls as diverse as E.J Taylor, Wendy Froud, Christine Shivley, Leslie Molen, and Kat Soto just to name a few.

Because Wendy and Brian were promoting their latest collaboration "The Heart of Faerie Oracle, Brian also came to play on Sunday.

My little creature just told me that he was a bird man, so now I need to make some birds to be around him.  I will publish a picture, once he is finished.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Secretive Merfolk refuses to talk

She refuses to speak.  In fact I think she is not happy that I found her hiding behind the seaweed in Half Moon Bay off the Pacific Coast.  She peaks at me out of the side of her eyes as if to say, shhh!  hiding here.  Maybe she isn't talking because I have not finished beading her skirt.  hmmm.....

This doll was truly a challenge and I learned so much working on her.  I have to thank all the hardware guys who helped me figure out the nuts and bolts I would need to support her heavy upper body.  Plus duck tape is a wonderful invention.  It really made a huge difference. I drilled holes in the Fimo, painted her gills, sculpted an upper body, all things I had not attempted before.  And I'm so pleased with her. I was inspired by the drawings of Tony DiTerlizzi from the Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Working on a new doll

I've been working on this sculpt for two weekends.  I'm such a terrible picture taker, that the pictures never look very good.  This creature will become a mermaid, once gills, hair, tail, etc are added.  I enjoyed trying to do a full sculpt, but it really shows off all your mistakes.  No hiding it with clothing.  But even though it is not that great, I am enjoying the process of doing something a little different.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally got a decent picture of my Dark Fairy

Here is something else I struggled with.  I made him in a class with Wendy Froud.  I tried every wing you could imagine and put him in every position I could think of, finally I put crow feathered wings on him and he came alive.  Well at least he settled down and started acting nice. 

New Doll Finished this weekend

I went to Tami's house and sat around with my creative friends and played dolls.  There are four of us that get together once a month and gossip, eat and create.  It is a lot of fun.  I finished a doll that I have struggled with for a couple of months.  The face didn't work and I didn't like the horns, so I tried redoing the whole thing.  It was a big learning experience.  Don't know if I really like him, but he is growing on me.  At first he seemed to want to be fierce, but that he became 'the messager'.  At least that is all he has told me so far.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I've been gone too long

It has been for ever since I last blogged.  Lots has happened in my life.  My son got married and the holidays were wild with all the extra family every where.  I was thrilled to be asked to join the Flying Phoebe doll club located in Hayward, California.  What an incredible creative group of folks to mingle with and trade ideas with.  Winter is coming to an end and I'm starting to feel the juices flowing into playing with dolls again.

I just finished baking a new head and then burnt the heck out of my finger pulling it out of the oven.  Note to self:  do not touch the hot wire no matter how excited you are about the looks of the head.  Then I saw a huge crack in the face.  Fingers crossed, super glue will do it's job.  I will post pictures if I can rescue him from the trash can.  Otherwise I guess I will have to hold a funeral.