Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm busy but not had much to say here

Quiet time for me, but I have been productive. My son had an emergency appendectomy and it threw me off a little. You would think when they are almost 31, that they don't need you, but in emergency nothing works but having mom available to help out. It happened the night of doll club and I anxiously called the vice president to make sure she could fill in for me. I will be glad when I'm no longer the club president. It is a long drive at night and I don't get home until around 11p.m. I have to turn around and get up again at 4:45 so it wears me out. It is also a cloth doll club, and since I have started sculpting, I'm not as interested in cloth dolls. I still love them, but I can get so much more expression in the sculpted doll. I'm going to a cloth doll convention in April, so I'm hoping it will ping me again with cloth doll interests.

I've been working on 2 of my dolls and neither one is completed, but will add the pictures of their progress. One is a dark fallen fairy and one will be a nanny gnome. I need to make little baby for her to hold and one to sit on her back. That will be a challenge because I have a hard time making little things.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fabulous, incredible class

I had a fall on your face blast at Wendy Froud's advanced class in Reno. First of all she is so gracious and generous with her ideas and techniques and her son, Toby, is funny and talented. And second, I met the greatest group of people at the class. Some I knew from the first class I took from her and some I just met. The creative energy in the classroom made me float around all week afterwards. I wish I could bottle up that creative energy and put it in a glass jar and when I'm feeling not inspired or tired and discouraged, I could unscrew the lid and be bathed and renewed in it.

Thank goodness i have memories of it and hopefully, fingers crossed, I will get to meet again with all those lovely folks and laugh and play.