Monday, May 26, 2008

Too tired to work on doll

I got too pooped out doing all the driving this weekend. Here is a glimpse of the rod puppet I created. She was inspired by the art work of Wayne Anderson and the book "Ratsmagic". She is Witch Dole. I need to finish her clothes and put snakes on her hat.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Toby Froud's Rod Puppet Class

I managed to make it to Toby's class this memorial weekend. I could not believe that it snowed on Donner Pass and I almost didn't make it over the mountain. I did not bring chains and so I followed closely behind a truck. The truck cut through the slush, but it was hard to see with the wind blowing the snow and slush onto my wind shield. My heart was pounding and I was gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles for 20 miles while we went through the mountains. Another person was coming from the Bay Area about a half an hour behind me and had to turn back because, by then, Highway Patrol was requiring chains. I am sure she is so disappointed to have missed it.

Even so, it was so worth it. I learned so much more because we really concentrated on sculpting. I posted a picture of one of Toby's dolls that I fell in love with. Tomorrow I will complete my puppet and hopefully post it then. I am exhausted and going to bed.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy mother's day. I was able to get to my Little Faun doll and put hair and clothes on her. I used an old beaver fur collar for her legs. She isn't finished yet, but this gives you an idea of how she is turning out. Her hair needs to be tamed down a little and I noticed in the pictures it looks like the fur on one leg is higher than the other, so I will need to fix that. But I'm done for the day. My son is coming over and going to wash and wax my car for mother's day. Hurray, it is a mess. Next week I will start my duties as the president of Gals and Dolls in San Jose, CA. I'm a little nervous because I don't really know how it will turn out. I was also lucky to met some great people when I went to Portola earlier this month. In fact, one of the woman, Kate, is coming down with her daughter next weekend. I forget how lucky I am to live in the Bay Area where there is such great fabric shopping. She is making the 250+ mile trip just to buy fabric. I can't say much, because I would do the same thing if the only place to buy fabric near me was Wal*mart. I put a larger picture of Faun down below if you want to scroll down.