Monday, March 31, 2008

Too many dolls not enough time

I have decided that work is getting in the way of my play. If I could only discover hidden wealth that would sustain me enough that I could just sit and play with my dolls, it would be pure happiness. Only nine more years before retirement, but some days, it feels like that is forever and other days, like it is just around the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to have employment in these uncertain times, but lately the call to create is overwhelming. I worked on Bartholomew some more, but had to put him aside because in the doll club I belong to we are exchanging secret pal dolls and I must complete mine before April 8th. I also need to get prepared for Wendy Froud’s class on April 11th. It seems like it was weeks away and now it is next week. It is one of those strange time anomalies, where some parts of time are slow and others push you faster than you can blink. I guess I should stop writing and sew and a couple of hands.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Doll has developed a personality

Easter and I have been able to work on my doll between phone calls and my son and his girlfriend coming over. They ate Easter dinner and Sandra's mom's, so I didn't need to cook and was able to enjoy the day in my sewing room. Bartholomew has been named and I have the beginnings of his clothes created, but no embellishments. It is quite exciting.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Creating a new doll

Well, I have finished the sculpting and put him together. So far he has remained silent, so I really don't know how he wants to be dressed. Everytime I bring it up, he just stands there with this little secretative smile on his face. Maybe tommorrow he will tell me. He gave me permission to show his picture, obviously he feels no embarrassment that he is undressed. Hopefully tomorrow he will let me know who he is. If he does, I wil let you all know.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Anticipating a Wendy Froud Class

I am getting very excited because I am going to the Wendy Froud workshop in Portola, CA. Her husband will also be joining the class. I received her "Creating A Faery Figure' DVD this week and I have been watching it a lot. It is 240 minutes long and Wendy demonstrates all aspects of scupting a doll using Fimo clay. I am just blown away by how fantastic it is. The class is in April, so I will add more to my blog while I get ready for the class and show pictures of the class on this blog. I have been sculpting all day today (using paperclay) and watching her DVD. Not all the techniques will translate to paperclay, but many of the techniques do and I have been looking at my dolls with a new eye.

I am currently working on a figure that I have struggled with for about 3 weeks. The head was just not working for me. But I am so pleased with how it came out that I have begun the figure. It will be a while before I can show the finished doll, but as I progress with it, I will add pictures.

I cannot believe that it is 6:15 already. It will take me a while to get used to daylight savings time. The weather is so beautiful today: around 73 and the trees are just beginning to push out their leaves. You can tell how much I enjoyed the DVD because although the weather called to me from the window, I choose to stay in my studio and play with dolls.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 8, 2008

The first night to change to daylight savings. Part of me is happy for more light after I get off from work, but the tradeoff of arriving at work when it is still dark does not appeal to me. At the best my little yorkie, Phoebe will not wake me up tommorrow at 4:30 by licking me in my nose. Maybe I can fool her and can sleep in until 5:30 for a few days. This time next week she will have figured out my new schedule and again will wake me up on the weekends.

So why did I decide to create a blog. Although being creative is a very internal private process, the need to share what you create with others who may understand why you spend so much time coped up in your second bedroom drives my creation of the blog. I am always searching for new doll images and pictures on the web, so decided that others might enjoy what I do.

So here I am sending into space my thoughts and creative images. I hope that if you have stumbled upon my little space you will enjoy my dolls as much as I enjoy making them.