Friday, November 4, 2011

EJ Taylor class

Oh my goodness, how lucky was I?  Five day workshop with EJ Taylor.  I learned so much about paper clay and oil paint and full body sculpting.  The Flying Phoebes hosted EJ to teach in Northern California and I was lucky enough to host him at my house.  Of course he might not say that, because I'm a terrible cook, so I took him out to dinner every night.  Ha ha!  He is wonderful. 

The start of our day at Marcella's beautiful house as we drink our coffee and find out what we will be doing. 

We got right to work, sculpting heads out of paper clay and learning that we knew nothing.  But we all concentrated and worked hard. Of course we broke for food, candy and lots of coffee, laughter and good fun.

EJ was fabulous and gave us all indivdual attention and no one left the workshop disappointed.  Everyone's dolls stood on their own and were developing personalities.

Sally's doll practically walked off the table with all her attitude, of course

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